Kalen Construction and Project Management

About Us

Seamless alignment of resources to achieve outstanding results.

Kalen was established in 1992 in response to the market need for providing the full suite of project and construction management services that span the life cycle of the entire project.

This integrated approach was developed to gain operational efficiencies, ensure effective resource allocation, reduce the need for knowledge transfer and facilitate accurate and timely communication with our clients. The merger of project and construction management services translates into an accountable, single point of contact for project delivery - which has proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients.

With over twenty-seven years of combined experience, and projects valued in excess of $450 million dollars in both the Heavy Industrial and Commercial sectors, Kalen has successfully transformed the traditional builder/client relationship into a value driven team approach. Mutual cooperation and trust are the hallmarks by which the owner, design team, sub contractors and suppliers work together under the stewardship of the Project / Construction Manager who takes full responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the project.